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How to skyrocket the ROI of your business using live chat plugins using PTC?

Have you thought about adding live chat capabilities to your company website? There are many reasons you should if you don't. For instance, according to marketing experts, adding live chat help results in a 305 percent return on investment and a 20% rise in conversion rates. More businesses are integrating live chat features, making it a crucial aspect of the client experience.

Following are a few parameters to consider when determining your ROI and gauging the efficiency of live chat services.


Live Chat Volume Anticipated:

As with any business investment, economies of scale directly impact the ROI of implementing live chat assistance. Generally, you will require more support staff members the more clients you anticipate interacting with live chat assistance. The cost increases with the number of support agents needed, negatively affecting investments.

Costs of Technology:

Technology is another initial expenditure that will impact ROI and economies of scale. Some businesses are experts at building live chatbots. Customers can respond to these chatbots by choosing from a list of prepared options as they speak to them. The customer may be sent to a human agent by live chat, email, or even phone if the bot cannot help. Some highly sophisticated bots can reply to typed responses.

Value of the Standard Sale:

You need to consider the average sale amount to determine if conversion rates are high enough to pay for live chat expenses. Even with a large team of agents to handle numerous continuing inquiries, the higher the average transaction value, the ability to maximize ROI is better. On the other hand, small sales volumes suggest that hiring additional agents will reduce firm revenues.

Traffic to a Website:

The website traffic volume each month is another approach to gauge ROI. To gauge the genuine impact of live chat services, you can consider more than just the volume of visitors. When calculating ROI based on website traffic, the following data should be taken into account:

  • The proportion of previous week's or month's visitors who came back
  • Typical time a visitor spends on your website
  • Peaks of the day's activity
  • The volume of discussion
  • The Bounce Rate

The margin of Gross Sales:

When examining ROI, there are numerous different factors to take into account. The gross sales margin, however, may be the best indicator of the final computations. The total margin is computed by deducting the cost of products sold from the net sales revenue. The price of live chat support services shouldn't rise in lockstep with conversion-related income.


Customers choose live chat support, so problem-solving doesn't interfere with their purchasing, and 51% prefer live chat so they can multitask. Additionally, 92% of users of live chat services are pleased with the function. Contact PlugToChat today to see how we can help you get started. Visit us:

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