Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it possible to show the user's avatar or profile picture next to their chat messages?

You can do this if you are on PlugtoChat’s Standard plan or above. Go to your dashboard and click on role (formerly called configuration) heading.

How does PlugtoChat determine whether to send an sms/email notification to a user?

The PlugtoChat system includes a heuristic that ensures that people who miss messages are notified quickly, without feeling like they are being spammed. An email or SMS notification will not be sent when someone is actively looking at a chat. If a user has not looked at a specific chat for a certain period of time, PlugtoChat sends a notification. In this notification, all messages will be grouped into a single email to keep your user's mailbox from exploding.

Is it possible to resize PlugtoChat to fit the area given?

You can set the container's dimensions in your CSS to change PlugtoChat's height. To modify the width, you need to edit the width of two classes in themes: inbox-feed-panel and inbox-chat-panel.


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