Deliver impressive and efficient customer services

Uplift your platform with scalability, security, and advanced in-app chat messaging.

Increase content viewability and enhance visitor engagement

Enabling continuous, contextual conversations makes each customer conversation more powerful. Build once using Plugtochat API platform and deploy them across messaging channels at scale to connect with customers. Develop and grow your BPO & KPO from chat to asynchronous messaging experiences and stay associated with customers.

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Integrate your business with PlugtoChat adaptive UI and layout design tools

Customize your chat windows and invitation designs to fit specific business needs. From the dashboard, the user can change the theme of the chatbox. Plugtochat themes let you change the core design aspects of the UI with simple CSS properties.

Actionable messaging for your enterprise

Resolves issues faster to provide a blended chat experience where service providers and agents collaborate seamlessly. Grow revenue and strengthen loyalty while increasing your customer satisfaction scores.


Ensure privacy for your customers through a secured platform

For any successful business, it is necessary to ensure the privacy of customer’s data. Plugtochat APIs are designed in such a way that they can provide a predictable programmatic interface for accessing customers' privacy accounts via a REST API.

With APIs' help, the companies can implant reliable and securable omnichannel communication capabilities into their applications. Thus, it can enhance the needs of businesses, customers as well as end-users.

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Chat API & JavaScript SDK with a
pre-built UI

Create an interactive and retainable platform for Healthcare, Marketplace, Education, Virtual Events, Social media & Communities, job seekers, and applicants to reach and respond to companies, recruiters, and administrators.

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