Immersive E-learning for Students & Teachers

Connecting teachers with students with unparalleled options in a collaborative and robust environment for distance learning

Borderless Classroom Experience through e-Learning

Learning sessions are interactive if we bridge the gap between students and teachers. To ensure concepts are communicated clearly, direct chat integration is necessary to your existing web & mobile app. With dedicated chat rooms, students and teachers can solve problems together in real-time.

Once you allow the PlugtoChat SDK to integrate chat features into your existing web & mobile app, it will deliver one-to-one or multi-student chat to enhance the learning.

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Detailed course discussions through the direct chat

Improve communication between teachers, students, and education platforms by digital landscaping your classrooms. Most educators struggle to monitor students and deliver secure messages through online platforms they can trust. By integrating Plugtochat in-app messaging platform, you can start delivering multichannel communications that improve the teaching process.

For a student with questions on an assignment or course and requires some clarification on topics, Plugtochat can get the answers they need from the mentor using real-time chat features.

Innovative classroom Experience for students and teachers

Real classroom-like experience with Plugtochat advanced customization features to keep students engaged in online curriculum with streamlined messaging channels. Use real-time messaging through chat to engage students for test and quiz delivery. Make collaboration simple between students and teachers using in-app messaging.


Attract, Engage and convert with Plugtochat

Harness the features of Plugtochat messaging on both web and mobile applications to reach and engage students at any point. Use our complete chat platform to connect students and teachers through preferred channels, whether you’re in a classroom setting or operating an educational tech product. Make it possible for teachers to address students on 1 to 1 chat or in the group on their terms in both public and private chat rooms.

With APIs' help, the companies can implant reliable and securable omnichannel communication capabilities into their applications. Thus, it can enhance the needs of businesses, customers as well as end-users.

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Out-of-the-box notifications for Education

Push, email, SMS, and desktop notifications are all supported by the PlugtoChat notification system. This allows you to keep users up to date on any channel.

We scale right along with you

Want a robust notification system that supports push, email, SMS, and desktop notifications? Want to keep users in the loop? Then Plugtochat is the right integration for you where along with messaging you can customize everything, anytime.

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Chat API & JavaScript SDK with a
pre-built UI

Create an interactive and retainable platform for Healthcare, Marketplace, Education, Virtual Events, Social media & Communities, job seekers, and applicants to reach and respond to companies, recruiters, and administrators.

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