Health Care

Communication made better for better patient outcomes

Achieve better patient outcomes with Plugtochat in-app communication features available anytime, anywhere .

Connect and integrate your Digital Health applications quickly through PlugtoChat

Rapidly deploy improved patient access with Plugtochat in-app communications providing your patients the convenience to reach care on-demand from anywhere.

Build in-app communication for the entire patient journey using PlugtoChat SDK on your existing web & mobile app.

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An innovative and faster way for Patient-Physician communications

Confidently navigate patient expectations and improve real- time patient access to doctors by eliminating frustrating wait times.

Plugtochat SDK integration provides your digital health platforms with customized features to serve more patients with unrelenting reliability with the ability to rapidly and efficiently respond to the need at hand.

Enhanced private one-on-one chat for patients and physicians over a secured platform

Create immense communication possibilities between patients & doctors instantly. Enable patient’s messages to reach directly to healthcare experts in real-time to share & discuss health issues, queries, diagnoses & treatments.

The PlugtoChat SDK integrates chat features into your existing web & mobile app and ensures conversations between doctors and patients flow with full confidentiality from anywhere.

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Group instant messaging backdrop for better conversations among Physicians and Staff

Improve communication between specialists, practitioners, and other staff to help the doctors provide better service to the patients. Health records, follow-up appointments, diagnostic reports can be easily shared through group chats with their team.

Enable effective communication between staff members by integrating speedy Plugtochat group chat for every case and bring specialists and staff together efficiently to prioritize better patient outcomes.

Chat API & JavaScript SDK with a
pre-built UI

Create an interactive and retainable platform for Healthcare, Marketplace, Education, Virtual Events, Social media & Communities, job seekers, and applicants to reach and respond to companies, recruiters, and administrators.

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