On Demand Services

Integrate a Reliable, Efficient & Instant chat in your on-demand app

Connect your customers and service providers with instant real-time chat app

Benefit your customers and service providers

Real-time chat nurtures inter-connections leading to better community retention. Plugtochat SDK & API service platform delivers to you all the necessary features to make it possible to add direct messages… and provide a more efficient and smoother experience between all customers and service providers on your app or website.

Integrate Plugtochat and enable quick and reliable communication resulting in a pleasant transaction between both parties


Leave no room for confusion

It's essential to remain flexible and engaged to provide exemplary service to the customers. Your customers should reach the right on-demand service provider at the right time to get the required services they demand.

Give your commuters/ride-booking customers and chauffeurs a place to interact appropriately and understand each other rather than leading to endless amounts of confusion and frustration bubble up. Enable them to share information, get quick responses, and collaborate to reach their destination on time.

Without waiting on emails or phone calls, empower service agents to reach out to their customers for a quick question or to discuss their locations.

Deliver vital information at the Speed of on-demand

It is essential for chauffeurs, couriers, handypersons, and other service providers to have an effective instant communication chat and remove complexity to reduce delays. Even offline, they will get push notifications, thus keeping every conversation alive & intact.

Once you allow the PlugtoChat SDK to integrate chat features into your existing web & mobile app, it will deliver user-to-user chats and maintain rapid-fire-response chat messaging streams.


Ameliorate your brand value with excellent customer retention

Provide custom notifications and communication data and let the customers get the best booking and delivery experience, and allow them to foster loyalty on your platform.

Plugtochat's SDK gives you the tools to effortlessly implement a real-time messaging platform with which your users are familiar. Elevate compelling and safe brand experiences with chat moderation, automatic profanity filters, and more features, and increase business retention.

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Pre-built Chat UI for On-Demand Services

Plugtochat's Pre-built User Interface helps you create a complete experience with the UI elements combined with features and extensions using our SDKs. Highly customizable and available for iOS, Android, & Web, they all work together, making cross-platform a breeze. With documentation that's best in class, in-depth tutorials, and demo apps for every platform, you'll swiftly figure out exactly how they work.

Ready-to-use pop-up, Chatbox and inbox

Engage and improve your interactions with our chat pop-up. Want to try it? Come chat with us. Try pre-built chatbox and inbox to experience a different type of chat UI

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Chat API & JavaScript SDK with a
pre-built UI

Create an interactive and retainable platform for Healthcare, Marketplace, Education, Virtual Events, Social media & Communities, job seekers, and applicants to reach and respond to companies, recruiters, and administrators.