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Quickly Build a Reliable & Full-Featured chat experience into any Mobile or Web App

Highly reliable chat infrastructure and feature-rich SDKs with pre-built UI


Real-time messaging

Increase real-time engagement in your app with Plugtochat powering your messaging features. Build your platform with users, on our highly scalable infrastructure built for security, reliability, and certification by abiding by compliance standards. With an easy-to-use chat API and native chat SDKs for Android, iOS, and JavaScript create conversations that range from private 1:1 to group chat.

Provide your users an unbelievable experience with all the essential messaging features:

  • Channels, groups & topics
  • Online presence indicators
  • In-conversation search
  • Real-time translation
  • Typing & read indicators
  • Unread messages badge
  • Conversation history
  • File sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Text formatting
  • Emojis

Pre-built Chat UI for Marketplace

Plugtochat's Pre-built User Interface helps you build a top- notch experience using a combination of UI elements and our SDKs. Build the features & extensions you need to create the complete experience. Highly customizable and available for iOS, Android, & Web, they all work together, making cross-platform child’s play. Expedite your ability to understand the works with best-in- class documentation, in-depth tutorials, and demo apps for every platform.

Ready-to-use popup, chatbox and inbox UI

Engage and improve your interactions with our chat pop-up. Want to try it? Come chat with us.

Try pre-built chatbox and inbox to experience a different type of chat UI


Customizable design

Use Plugtochat Themes to customize elegantly and blend the chat UI with your app or website design. From the dashboard, the user can change the theme of the chatbot. Themes let you change the core design aspects of the UI with simple CSS properties.

You can customize:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Message style
  • Shapes
  • Borders
  • Width & height
  • Avatar style
  • ...and a lot more

Developer-friendly API

Now connect your analytics or UI elements with ease using Plugtochat JavaScript API. Get notifications when new messages are written or received and when the user navigates between conversations during live events. Use your UI elements with our SDKs and build the features & extensions you need to create the complete experience.

Manage your users, conversations, and messages through Plugtochat REST API. Be it new messages, new conversations, or any new incidents at the backend of events, always stay notified with our webhooks.



Push, email, SMS, and desktop notifications are all supported by the PlugtoChat notification system. This allows you to keep users up to date on any channel.

We scale right along with you

Want a robust notification system that supports push, email, SMS, and desktop notifications? Want to keep users in the loop?

Then Plugtochat is the right integration for you where along with messaging you can customize everything, anytime.

Message Analytics

Be vigilant and take action when required using moderation tools like the activity view in the dashboard. Proactively moderate messages using the mask contact info feature and never worry about your valuable information leak

Mask contact information

Powerful tool that enables you to configure exceptions in details while preventing users from exchanging email addresses, phone numbers and website addresses.


Chat API & JavaScript SDK with a
pre-built UI

Create an interactive and retainable platform for Healthcare, Marketplace, Education, Virtual Events, Social media & Communities, job seekers, and applicants to reach and respond to companies, recruiters, and administrators.

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